How is UV Harmful to Dogs

Sun Protective Dog Clothing

You are already aware that overheating is one of the worst summertime threats to your furry friend. Whether yours is a small, medium, or large pooch, he is vulnerable to the summer heat and can get sunburnt, which may cause fatal accidents. However, there are ways to prevent these tragic events by safeguarding your furry pal from the harmful rays of the sun with dog sun protective gear. Here are a few tips to help you get started with shielding your four-legged body from the scorching heat of the sun:

  • Provide him with plenty of fresh water to keep his tongue and nose wet, since these are exposed to heavy panting and breathing.
  • Provide him with a shaded place to rest.
  • Ensure that the resting place is well ventilated and cool.
  • Keep him away from exposure to direct sunlight during hot hours.
  • Never lock him in a space enclosed with glass doors to prevent the risk of direct sunlight locking inside and raising the temperature levels.
  • Never tie your pooch in the yard, which is exposed to sunlight and has no shade during the noontime. In that case, your furry pal may suffer from dehydration, exhaustion, and overheating.

    How is UV Harmful to Dogs

The natural cooling system of a dog is not suitable for domestic living because they were wild animals and not meant to be kept indoors. However, just like human skin, a dog’s skin is vulnerable to ultra violet rays. Dog sun protective clothing can come in handy to safeguard your furry pal from overheating or greater heating exposure. A dog’s skin has little melanin, which is responsible for turning skin tan upon exposure to sunlight. Their skin is covered with a thick coat of hair, and they usually prefer to stay away from the sun. If they are trimmed, their soft pink skin is exposed to ultra violet.

Secondly, the abdominal area of most dogs does not have thick hair coverage. This means that their skin is exposed to UV light when they lay down on their side outdoors.

How Can You Reduce the UV Risk for Your Pooch

You love your furry friend and want to keep him safe both indoors and outdoors. These tips will come in handy when it comes to reducing the risk of sun rays for your pooch.

Get the hair cut done in the months of April or May. This will ensure that the hair manages to grow by the time summer arrives. Don’t get them shaved in the following months, because their fur will keep them from harmful sun rays.

Keep your pooch away from direct sunlight during peak summer months. If you need to go out, use a safe sunscreen for your pooch.

Cover your furry friend with a dog sun protective jacket designed to prevent overheating and block some of the ultra violet rays too. Choose that type of dog clothing designed from quality high visibility fabric.

Bottom Line

It's always fun in the sun with your pooch. But since your furry pal is vulnerable to getting sunburnt, just like you, the fun could end on a bad note. So you want to make sure your pooch is protected from the harmful sun rays.

With such dog sun protective clothing handy, you can rest assured that your canine companion will stay cool despite scorching heat. You can have more outdoor fun, without worrying about your furry friend being exposed to the sun. What’s more, the dog sun protective gear is not only functional that will keep your pooch protected at all times, but also super fashionable.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best sun protective dog clothing and let your furry friend make a style statement while enjoying in the sun.


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