Why Dogs Should Wear Raincoat When It Rains

Why Dogs Should Wear Raincoat When It Rains

Dogs hate rain. It’s just unpleasant for them to go out in the rain, as both small and large breeds do not like to get wet. Just like human beings, dogs have different tolerance levels for nasty weather. While some are fearless and do not hesitate to go outdoors unless there is a typhoon, others hesitate to step out in the lightest sprinkles. You do not want to keep your furry friend locked inside when the weather is so pleasant, do you? What if he needs to eliminate when it is raining outside? He may refuse to step out seeing the downpour. So what is the way out? Well, dog rain wear can come in handy here.


Need for Outdoor Dog Gear

Many small breeds do not like to step out when it is raining merely for the fear of getting wet. Some small or large dogs might even refuse to go out to eliminate in wet weather! A lightweight yet waterproof dog rain coat is designed to keep your furry pal warm and dry when it is pouring outside. When your furry friend realizes the benefits of a hooded dog raincoat, he will become more confident and willing to go out in the rain. When you keep your pooch dry on walks even in the rain, you are taking steps to prevent that wet dog smell from invading your abode. There should be no reason for you to dislike your four-legged buddy!

You love watching him play, don’t you? When a dog wears rain apparel, there is a guarantee that he will keep clean even while splashing in puddles. Dog rainsuits prevent mud and muck from splashing onto his fur. This is a sign that your house, too, will stay clean despite the weather vagaries and your furry friend’s visit outdoors in wet weather. A lightweight, waterproof dog rain coat will keep him warmer in chilling conditions. A clean pet means you do not need to take trips to the washroom for constant full-body bathing sessions.

 Some dog breeds may not feel cold while walking in chilly winter downpour; however, some large or small dogs are prone to hypothermia when the weather is windy, wet, or cold. Pet dog raincoats will offer the much-needed respite to keep your pooch warmer and shield him from the vagaries of weather.

Reflective Dog Raincoat

There are bound to be visibility problems in rainy weather. But that does not mean your furry friend cannot go out in inclement weather conditions. Reflective dog raincoats are designed to improve visibility in the darkness or stormy weather conditions, making your pooch visible to motorists. You may want to choose rain coats in bright, punchy colors, which are visually appealing, cute, and improve the nighttime visibility of your dog.

When it comes to choosing dog rain wear, you may choose from:

Reversible Raincoat

Plaid Dog Raincoat

Hooded Dog Raincoat

So the next time you plan to step out with your furry pal, a dog rain jacket should be your first choice. This will ensure that you and your pooch are never caught unprepared by the inclement weather, wind or rain! A bright, water resistant, and colorful dog rain Poncho prepares your pooch for the stormy weather ahead.

While a raincoat can safeguard your puppy from becoming wet, a hooded dog raincoat is the best way to keep his head and face dry in the rain. More so, of yours is a rain-averse dog, he will not fear stepping out in the rain; rather, feel more comfortable while going outdoors. But what if your pup does not like wearing a hood? Worry not, then you can opt for extended collars, which may provide little protection compared to a hooded raincoat.

When looking for a dog raincoat, here are a few important pointers to consider:

Secure Straps or Closures

The purpose behind investing in dog rain wear is to ensure that your pooch remains warm and dry during an outing in the rainy season. Well, if a raincoat slides all over the place, can it keep your pet dry? So the idea is to look for raincoats with adjustable straps so that they fit snugly and securely. When it comes to selecting a waterproof and windproof ran apparel for your four-legged buddy, choose the one that features Velcro strap closures, which will remain securely attached and keep your pooch warm in bone-chilling conditions.

 Reflective Surfaces

You have got to look for the best raincoats for your dog – one with reflective surfaces will make him visible to motorists. This means low visibility conditions will not pose too much of a risk to the life of your furry friend and keep both of you safe during low-light conditions. You may choose raincoats with sew-on reflective patches or those with reflective stitching.


Warm Liner

For a deeper warmer feel in stormy, windy, and rainy conditions, you may choose dog rain wear designed with a wool, fleece, or synthetic liner. You may choose stripped patterns to make your small dog stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement. It is a good idea to pick reversible raincoats that can be used both ways and look new inside out.


Bottom Line

So it is a good idea to go for a dog rain wear for your furry friend unless your pooch is a Chihuahua. You may want to think twice before buying a raincoat if you own a tiny toy with short hair because some dog breeds do not feel icy temperatures below 32 degrees. It is equally important to understand your small dog or large dog breed before planning to invest in dog rain wear. Interfering with their natural climate-control system could pose a risk of heatstroke to your furry pal. Contrarily, if your dog breed is often caught under the weather, then it is time to gift him with a waterproof dog rain coat so he can bid good-bye to his rainy weather blues.


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