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Dog Apparel

Determining the Right Size of Clothing for Your Dog

We often get inquiries from customers to suggest the right size for their pet if they are purchasing dog clothing, pet carrier or dog collar from us. We offer information on our website, but ultimately, this decision has to rest with the customer for a number of reasons. Pets of the same breed may differ and have different sizes based on weight, height, length and so forth. The same dog apparel will fit dogs of different breeds and same weight differently.

Determining the best size for your dog is easy. You should make sure that your dog is standing. Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the spot where the tail joins the body; that's the start of the tail, not the very tip. That measurement becomes the coat size for your dog. The measurements you see on all our apparel indicate this top line measurement. If you get an odd number for a measurement, we suggest that you round up to the next even number for female dogs and round down to the next even number for male dogs. Most dogs can be fit using this sizing method. Please see individual product items for recommendations made by specific manufacturers for sizing.

Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the spot where the tail joins the body 

This diagram should provide a helpful guide for you to figure out where you need to put the measuring tape in order to determine a good fit for your dog.

Determining the Right Size of Boots for Your Dog

Determining the best size for your dog is simple. Place the dog's front paw on a piece of paper while your dog is standing on it. Draw a line at the back of the dog's heel (pad) and another line right in front of the longest toe nails.

Measure between the two lines. Measure both the front and paws as your dog's rear paws may be smaller, so please measure them. If our dog is right on the line between sizes, we suggest getting the larger size. 

Determining the Right Size of Collar for Your Dog

For your dog's safety and comfort, please measure for a dog collar by measuring your dog's neck. As a general guide, you should be able to fit two fingers (flat) easily between the tape and your dog's neck. 

Remember, a collar shouldn't be tight around your dog's neck and it wouldn't be the exact measurement of your dog's neck. But for safety it doesn't snag on something, it shouldn’t be too loose either. A snug fit is what you are aiming for. Not a tight one or one that chokes.

Getting Your Dog to Accept Wearing Apparel

Proper fit is the key for getting your dog to accept donning dog apparel. However, ease of getting the garment on and off is a learned behavior for both you and your dog. Start by putting the clothing item on and rewarding the dog with verbal praise. Leave the item on for a short period. The next time, try leaving the garment on for a longer period of time, again praising and rewarding your pet. It is best to start this training as a puppy, but older dogs can also easily be trained with a little more patience.

Dog Apparel

Why do we dress our dogs? The reasons are many. Domesticated dogs have become accustomed to living indoors with their human owners, so when the temperature drops, they get cold too. We should keep in mind that even though our dogs have fur, they may need protection from the elements. Dogs that have undergone medical treatments that result in the loss of fur will often need at least some temporary protection from the elements until their fur grows back. This also applies to dogs that have been shaved. A warm dog sweater or dog fleece coat can make all the difference. And don’t forget those snuggly dog boots and comfy dog sweatshirt for those cold winter nights. Keep your pet in the height of pet fashion without spending a fortune. Choose from a variety of dog clothes to find something perfect for your puppy.

Dog Safety Vest

When you are out with fido, it only makes sense to keep both ou and your dog visible to traffic. Our dog reflective safety vest is perfect for walking, jogging, hunting and every outdoor activity with fido, also consider purchasing dog boots for your pooch to protect the paws from the elements & cold. Don’t forget to check out our flashing dog collars, flashing dog leashes & flashing armbands (for fido’s best friend) for added safety.

Dog Life Vest - Life Jacket

Why skimp on your dog? Fido deserves the same level of safety and protection afforded by life jackets for humans. Regardless of how good a swimmer your dog may be, they should have a dog life vest. All dogs can swim but they tire easily & our dog life vest adds to their safety and endurance.

Dog Raincoat - Poncho

Pamper your pooch today! A dog raincoat will keep your mate warm & dry during the rainy day.  When you decide to go for a walk in the rain, won’t your pet love to accompany? Of course; so why keep it constrained at home when you can take it along?

Dog Boots

Dog Boots are outstanding for dogs when taken hiking in rugged terrain. Dog booties offer the ultimate protection to your dog in all kinds of weather. The boots protect dogs' paws from the elements – snow, ice, hot sand, rocky terrain, broken glass &field debris. The booties also deter digging, protect home & boat upholstery, and prevent scratches on hardwood floors, snags on carpets and scratches on the dogs’ best friend. In cases of extreme heat, booties can help protect a dog's pads from hot ground surfaces.


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