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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick up my order?
Sorry, we do not allow pickups of orders. All orders must be shipped by Canada Post Expedited Parcel from our warehouse. We are not set up as a retail outlet. This is how we are able to pass on the savings to you.

Online Order - Dog Gera Store

Can I order by phone or email?

Sorry, we do not take telephone or email orders. As an e-commerce company, our policy requires that all orders be placed through the secured web server as it keeps detailed records in one place. Please place your order or inquiry online.

No Pick Up Order - Dog Gear Store

Can you send me a catalog?
Products information is only available in the electronic catalog (web page) online. This helps us keep our overhead down, letting us pass the savings to you.

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If I need to return a product for an exchange, does your company subsidize or refund my shipping fees?

We apologize, but we cannot subsidize shipping fees on exchange product(s) or refund shipping fees. Actual shipping fees and $5.00 handling charge to cover the shipping materials would be applied on exchange product(s) that we ship to you. You are also responsible to insure and ship the returns (upon approval by us) back to us for your own benefit. Online shopping is similar to conventional shopping (such as going to a shopping mall), in that you are responsible for the transportation cost both ways.

Return Policy - Dog Gear Store

Can U.S. credit cards be used on your website?

Absolutely, any valid credit card can be used on our website. When the cardholder receives their credit card statement, the Canadian dollar amount will have been converted into the currency of their country, in this case USD. The Cardholder’s issuer is the one that will have determined the exchange rate that was used to convert the $CAD to $USD.

How do refunds work in U.S. currency?
Sales and Refunds are always processed in the default currency, Canadian dollars. When a refund is requested, the same process applies. The refund would be processed in $CAD. However, the conversion rate to U.S. currency will not likely be the same rate that used at the time of the original sale – the cardholder may gain or lose on the conversion. Our customers should be aware that this is related to changes in the exchange rate applied by their credit card company, and is not within our control.

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