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The Beagle has a broad and rounded skull, straight and square muzzle, round and strong feet, black nose with a strong sense of smell, long and wide ears, big brown hazel eyes and a tail carried over the back but not curled.

Adopting a Dog from Local Shelter

If you are interested in adding a pet to your family, encourages you to adopt from your local shelters or breed rescue club, where you can find the best breeds, trained and untrained dogs, purebred and mixed breed doggies.

Millions of dogs are waiting in shelter for a pet lover to take them to their forever homes. An adopted dog can change your life and bring plenty of joyful moments. Unfortunately, millions of such dogs that do not find a home end up being euthanized. Consider adopting a rescue dog and save their life while improving yours, because pets, like babies, add fun to your life and make it more interesting, valued, and meaningful. Here is some general information about dog adoption. Remember, all dogs are different; even those of the same breed or same litter may display different traits, so you need to do your own diligent research to make the right choice.

Dog: Your Best Friend

Adopting a dog is a big decision. So, you may want to consider animal traits before making a decision. There is a strong human-animal bond that connects man to animals, with dogs being the most loyal. Known as a human’s best friend, dogs are amazingly supportive and adorable. They are companions who protect, shield, and love their pet parents and make a huge difference in their lives. Most dog breeds are easy to train, which makes them an even crucial part of your life. They can be your exercise buddy, who can provide you with animal-assisted therapy. Imagine returning home from work and being greeted by your cuddly friend with a fuzzy face!

Your local shelters or rescue clubs are the best place to find your best friend. There are all types and breeds of dogs available at the animal shelter. Adopt a dog of any age, size, or personality and change your life forever. In doing so, you will also become an angel for the animal, saving them from a possible euthanasia.

Many dogs in these shelters are unlucky to have been separated from their pet parents due to a genuine life-altering circumstance or irresponsible & unprepared owners, who perhaps did not have the time to train their pooch, research about the particular characteristic and behaviour of its breed, and then did not want to live with an untrained pet.

By adopting a dog, you will show your compassion side to the world, save a dog, and make a lovable addition to your family. It can prove to be the most rewarding experience.

There has been a longstanding debate among dog lovers and experts whether one should bring home a purebred dog or a mixed breed. Some are of the opinion that a mixed breed can easily adapt to its new home compared to a purebred dog, while some others are opposed to this view.

A mixed-breed dog is probably at a lower risk of inherited congenital defects, as the mating process leaves out the defective genes. There are no bad dogs, only bad pet parents if you train and nurture them.

On the other hand, you can tell what is expected of the purebred puppies with regard to their health, size, and behaviour. Since purebred pups are carefully matched at the time of breeding, it is easier to predict its temperament and physical conformity.

Internet enables you to research the behaviour and traits of particular breed and find the best match, so you have a good idea as to what your pup would turn out to be when it grows up. Though both breeds of dogs have their own advantages, what a dog turns out to be depends on how it has been raised. Remember, as a responsible pet parent, it is your duty to train and discipline your pooch so that they grow into an intelligent, well-trained dog and a reliable, loving companion.

Be a Responsible Dog Owner

Dog ownership is a huge responsibility, which involves a long-term financial and emotional commitment on your part. Your dog will depend on you for training, food, and shelter. Of course, they need affection in order to return the love that you give them.

Is your home right to adopt a dog?

Is your lifestyle suited to bring home a dog? Consider all aspects of your life – activity & energy level, work schedules, family life & commitments, and shedding.

What are you looking for in a dog? Do you want a lap dog? Or are you looking for a guard dog? Consider the dog breed, energy level, size, training, and grooming needs so that you make the right choice. Do not consider gifting a dog to someone unless you are 100% sure that the recipient is a responsible pet lover and has a need for a new dog.Don’t rush, consider all options, and find the right one.

Why Consider Adopting an Older Dog?

An older dog has already undergone adequate training and may better fit your lifestyle. You may want to check local breed rescue organizations that house a number of rescued dogs that have been abandoned, surrendered due to illness or death of their previous owners. More often than not, you will find older dogs that have been screened for health & temperament problems.