Short Snout Muzzle (Charcoal)

Short Snout Muzzle (Charcoal)

Made from breathable mesh, this charcoal color short snout muzzle is designed to prevent circulation problems for those short snouted hard-to-fit breeds. Durable nylon construction ensures the muzzle’s longevity while adding the comfortable element to it. The easy-to-use muzzle comes with a breathable mesh and adjustable slider.

The soft padded bumper ensures better heat exchange while prevents the mesh from disturbing the pet’s eyes. With a side release buckle, the short snout muzzle is a perfect addition to your Pet First Aid Kit, making muzzle quick and convenient.

*Designed as a temporary restraint. Keep an eye on a muzzled dog, as prolonged use can affect the pet’s natural ability to cool itself. Improperly fitted muzzles can be a health hazard.

Wipe surfaces clean with a water dampened cloth.

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End of Snout

9" to 12"

11" to 17"


8 to 15 lbs

15 to 25 lbs

Measure under your dog's chin around to right behind the ears. Place your finger under the measuring tape to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable. Fit the selected muzzle on your dog. Test the fit by running your finger inside the strap. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement. 

The Short Snout Muzzle was designed as a temporary restraint only and makes a perfect addition to your Pet First Aid Kit. Never leave a muzzled dog unattended as prolonged use or improperly fitted muzzles can affect a dogs panting, or natural ability to cool itself. 

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