Ultimate Trail Dog Boots

Ultimate Trail Dog Boots

Dog Boots - Ultimate Trail Boots

Hiking Boots for Dogs - All-Terrain and All-Season Paw Protection!

Protect your canine’s feet from hot pavement, twigs, or sharp objects with these ergonomically molded all-terrain dog boots. The high-traction dog shoes are designed with all-terrain soles to keep your pet’s feet shielded from hazards while it is busy playing around or enjoying a pleasant morning or evening walk with you.

The ergonomically designed dog boots are water resistant, ensuring they remain the safest foot wear even during rains or snowfall. With a resistant breathable soft shell fabrication, these shoe pairs are designed perfectly for the hind and front paws for optimal fit while cinch closure allows for reinforced toe protection, making it a secure fit.

The low profile boots are designed with a gusset that allows your pet to easily enter its paw into the shoe.  

Reflective accents 4 boots per set.         

Fasten Velcro straps before washing.  Machine wash cold, on delicate cycle using provided wash bag. Lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, do not dry clean.

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Paw Sizing Information

When it comes to choosing dog boots or dog socks, it is important that you know the right paw size of your pet. 

Place the front paw on a blank piece of paper, with the dog standing up with its full weight on the paws. Draw a sketch from the longest toe nail to the back of the paw and make a second marking. Make sure the dog’s nails are trimmed before you start taking the measurements. A standing position will give a wider and more accurate measurement. 

Check the distance between the first and second marking. The reference sizing chart will give you an accurate size figure based on the markings.

Sizing Tips

A snug fit is the best size choice for a dog, which should include the entire paw and toe nails.
Putting Boots on Your Pooch

When your pooch is ready to go outdoors, it’s time to help it get acclimatized with the dog boots. The following steps will help:

    •    Take the dog boot in your hand and ensure it is fully open. Open the strap fastener
    •    Include dewclaws (if applicable) in the dog boot so that the pooch doesn’t feel uncomfortable    wearing the boot. Stand over your pooch and try to slip the boot from behind it
    •    Enter your finger in the back of the shoe so that the paw slides to the front of the boot. Bunch up the cuff and try to slowly pull the boot over the paw.
    •    Use one hand to hold its elbow and use the other to wiggle the pet’s foot in the boot
    •    Lift the opposite leg of the dog boot you put on and ensure your pet puts full weight into the boot so that the leg is set down comfortably. Shut the strap TIGHTLY around the boot.
A snug fit will ensure that your pooch has an enjoyable outdoor experience. 

If size of the dog shoe falls in between different sizes, do not hesitate to pick the larger of the two so that the dog boots are not tight for the pooch.

Helpful Tip: If your pooch weighs less than 15 pounds, it may help to elevate it on a counter before trying to put shoes on. 

Getting Your Pooch Acclimatized to New Dog Boots

Your pooch may not feel comfortable in the dog boot for the first time. After all, it is not used to wearing shoes! Do not be surprised if your four-legged friend starts to behave differently as the ground doesn’t feel the same to it.  Once you have it wear the dog booties, try to engage it in its favorite activity, so that the focus shifts from boots. Does it like to catch a flying disk or chase a ball?

It might help to throw a treat and applaud the pet when it runs after it with the shoes on. You may want to check closures after 10 or 15 minutes so that dog boots are still secure on its paws. 

The dog may take a few days to feel completely accustomed to the dog shoes or dog socks. To help the cause, start off on easy hikes before venturing out for the big ones. 

During the initial period or until the pet has got accustomed to wearing the dog footwear, never leave your pooch unattended with its boots or shoes on. 

Tip: Never allow your pet to wear the boots for longer period of time, as sweating through the paws might cause irritation or overheating.

Start with two front paws. Once your pooch is used to wearing dog shoes, put all four dog boots on.
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Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Dry flat. Place in a wash bag to prevent hardware from damaging machine. Do not bleach, do not iron and do not dry clean. If needed, pre-soak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

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Hand wash cold, in mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dry clean.

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