EzyDog Dog Life Jackets (Yellow)

EzyDog Dog Life Jackets (Yellow)

Dog Life Jackets with Superior Flotation by EzyDog

When your pet’s safety is on top of your mind during your trip to the beach, you can think of nothing but dog life jackets. Keep your pooch stylish as well as safe in these dog life vests that combine functionality and versatility into one.

Combining avant-garde manufacturing techniques with high performance materials, the dog flotation vests make the most ergonomic and comfortable fit for your pooch.

These dog life jackets use ultra-buoyancy foam to keep your furry friend in a natural swimming position. It also makes these dog life vests an ultimate choice for flotation. Quick to fasten and remove, the dog life jackets are designed with an ergonomic grab handle and super-strong nylon D-buckle, which means you have the control in your hand and can secure your pooch in any situation.

Available in yellow or red, this dog flotation device by EzyDog is a must-have safety gear for your pooch’s next beach trip. Reflective detailing ensures nighttime visibility, so your pooch is visible even in the dim of night.

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15-25 lbs.

20-45 lbs.

40-60 lbs.

60-90 lbs.

90+ lbs.


19-32 inches

21-35 inches

25-39 inches

27-44 inches

30-48 inches


10-13 inches

13-16 inches

15-20 inches

17-24 inches

20-26 inches

Pet Apparel Measurement

There are three main measurements that will help assist in selecting the right size. To measure, use a soft tailor’s tape and ensure your dog is standing up. Each pet apparel has an accompany size chart.

Length=Measure from where the collar sits to the base of the tail

Girth=Measure the widest part around the chest

Neck=Measure around the neck, where a collar would normally sit

If your dog is between sizes, we usually recommend the larger size for more coverage

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Outward Hound PetSaver Dog Life Jacket( Clearance)

Your dog deserves enhanced safety and security while swimming. Outward Hound® high flotation dog life jackets, with high visibility colors, multiple reflective strips, easy-grab handles, quick release buckles, and outstanding flotation features, are designed to give your pet a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience. Convenient top grab handles allow easy rescue by hand or boat hook.

The unique, multi-handle design adds strength and durability to pull the canine out of water. The handles are a one-piece sewn strap that wraps around the belly and back of the dog, adding strength to the handle. The dog life jacket comes with fully adjustable chest design and neck flaps and quick release buckles. Reflective accents and bright colors ensure that your pup is visible even in darkness while the front float keeps its head above water, preventing it from drowning.

Medium, Large and X-Large life jackets feature dual handles for easy lifting and stability. Durable and comfortable neoprene belly-band makes the dog vest a snug fit.

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