Primary Step In Dog Harnesses (Lime)

Primary Step In Dog Harnesses (Lime)

Hit the trails with our Ultimate Pulling Harness! 

The extra padding keeps your dog protected and comfortable while joring. Also great for hands free jogs. Extra heavy padding in neck and shoulders. 

Fleece lining provides extra padding and added traction so shifting is minimized. Distributes weight evenly across the chest and shoulders, avoiding unnecessary pressure on the throat and back. Adjustable for the perfect fit. 3 stainless steel D-ring leash attachment points. Control handle. Reflective 3M Piping. Anti-slip sliders prevent unwanted adjustments during use. Safety shackle snap for quick release. Available in size Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

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10' - 16"

13" - 20"

16" - 28"

22" - 34"

28" - 40"


5 - 15 lbs

10 - 20 lbs

20 - 40 lbs

40 - 70 lbs

70 - 90 lbs

Select the appropriate size harness. Adjust front and chest straps. Harness should fit snug enough to avoid shifting, with about a fingers width of space for ease of movement. 

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Quick Release Martingale Dog Training Collars - Red

Perfect for training squirmy dogs, the stylish, the Red Martingale Dog Training Collar is designed for pets that try to back out of their collars. Easy to put on and off, the dog collar uses a quick-release side buckle for easy wear, eliminating the need for adjustment every time.

Made from ultra-soft climbing grade tubular webbing, the martingale dog collar is the best training collar for your pet, with limited slip action that prevents over correction.

Comes with an additional stainless steel D-ring to attach ID tags, the dog collar is available in a range of colors. 

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Dry flat. Place in a wash bag to prevent hardware from damaging machine. Do not bleach, do not iron, and do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

The Quick Release Martingale Dog Training Collars are available in size X-Small to X-Large.

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