Traffic Dog Leash (Black)

Traffic Dog Leash (Black)

Traffic Dog Leash (Black)

Worried how you will manage your dog while walking in high traffic zones? Worry not! This Blue Traffic Dog Leash by Canine Equipment  is designed just for you.

The ultra comfortable dog leash uses ultra-soft climbing grade tubular webbing to make it a comfortable wear for your pet while also keeping your canine safe and secure in high traffic areas.

Rest easy in high traffic areas when you are walking your dog, knowing that your best friend is safe and secure! Available in multiple colors, the leash features a floating triangle on handle that makes clipped attachments away from your hands.

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items. Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

Available in size 3/4" x 6' and 1" x 6'

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ManufacturerCanine Equipment
Product Code32334-32410
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3/4" x 6'

1" x 6'










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