Hound Dog Collars - 3 Dogs Blue

Hound Dog Collars - 3 Dogs Blue

Well designed and soft quality webbing make this hound dog collar a premier choice for dog lovers. Soft and durable on the outside, this 3 Dogs Blue Hound Dog Collar is exactly what a pet owner needs to ensure safety and comfort of the hound dog.

With an added layer of fleece lining that does not choke the dog and rather distributes pressure evenly on the neck, the hound dog collar is comfortable to wear for the pet. It is designed with nickel plated hardware and original RC tape patterns for night-time visibility.

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle. Do not wash with Velcro items. Hang to dry. Do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dry clean. If needed, presoak in an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle.

The hound dog collars are available in 3 Dogs Blue, Pitter Patter Pink and Pitter Patter Camo! From size 10" to 16" length.

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ManufacturerRC Pet
Product CodeRC53610-16
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