Ultimate Pulling Dog Harnesses

Ultimate Pulling Dog Harnesses

Hit the trails with our Ultimate Pulling Harness! 

The extra padding keeps your dog protected and comfortable while joring. Also great for hands free jogs. Extra heavy padding in neck and shoulders. 

Fleece lining provides extra padding and added traction so shifting is minimized. Distributes weight evenly across the chest and shoulders, avoiding unnecessary pressure on the throat and back. Adjustable for the perfect fit. 3 stainless steel D-ring leash attachment points. Control handle. Reflective 3M Piping. Anti-slip sliders prevent unwanted adjustments during use. Safety shackle snap for quick release. Available in size Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

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15-25 lbs

25-40 lbs

40-75 lbs

75 lbs +

Select the appropriate size harness. Adjust front and chest straps. Harness should fit snug enough to avoid shifting, with about a fingers width of space for ease of movement. 

It may take a couple sessions to get your dog accustomed to pulling in the harness. To show your dog it is okay to pull have a friend hold a treat or toy a few meters away. Practice using command words such as "pull" an d "stop". 

If you are new to joring, start with trails that are relatively flat, straight and have defined edges. Keep the initial sessions short and reward the dog with praise and treats. 

Never leave the harness on the dog unattended and always have water available. It helps to use this harness exclusively for joring activities, so your dog associates only this harness with pulling, and remove promptly after the session so the dog knows pulling time is over. 

All pulling harnesses come with a complimentary safety snap shackle clip. For those without a proper human joring belt, please use this safety snap shackle for your hands free leash or other connection. It will allow you to quickly release yourself from the dog if you start to lose control. 

NEVER loop the leash/towline around your hands or fingers when in action. Please note that partaking in joring with a dog poses potential physical danger to both human and dog. If you are new to joring please minimize the risk to yourself and your dog by practicing in safe traffic free areas.
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