Dog Rain Poncho (Sweet Sorbet)

Dog Rain Poncho (Sweet Sorbet)

Never be caught unawares and unprepared by rain. Let this lightweight, packable sweet sorbet pattern rain poncho become your pet’s perfect accessory for a rainy day! The leash hole on the back makes for an easy leash attachment. Just pack up the doggie rain poncho when the rain is over and snap the small bag onto your leash! The poncho comes with two snap options on the chest and a velcro waist to fit dogs of all sizes.

Carry our Packable Rain Poncho folded up in its carrying pouch right on your dog’s leash. Bright, colourful and waterproof, this lightweight, waterproof dog rain poncho is available in 11 colors and patterns. With Adjustable hook and loop waist, the dog rain poncho comes in convenient carrying pouch.

Available from size XXX-Small to XXX-Large. *XXX-Large is only available in Crimson and Sunshine.

Hand wash cold, in mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not iron, do not bleach, and do not dry clean.

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Pet Apparel Measurement

There are three main measurements that will help assist in selecting the right size. To measure, use a soft tailor’s tape and ensure your dog is standing up. Each pet apparel has an accompany size chart.

Length=Measure from where the collar sits to the base of the tail

Girth=Measure the widest part around the chest

Neck=Measure around the neck, where a collar would normally sit

If your dog is between sizes, we usually recommend the larger size for more coverage

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Final sales. No exchange or refund.

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