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Dog Care Tips

Determining the Right Size of Clothing for Your Dog

You love dogs and have introduced one to your family. But bringing a new dog home is a big responsibility, requiring both care and commitment to the health & well-being of your new family member. If course, you want to do everything to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Here are a few dog care tips to make the transition smooth & easy:

A little research on different dog breeds and personality traits will help while looking to introduce one to your family. For homes with toddlers and small kids, a pup that is more relaxed and has even disposition would be the right choice. For owners living in small apartments, large dogs could not be the perfect option, as they need more room to run.

The bond you enjoy with your pooch is a special one. It’s important to spend good time with your new family member through a dedicated exercise session. It will bring both of you closer, strengthen the bond, and keep your pooch healthy and active.

Pet grooming and care is critical to its health & well-being. Keep a check on aggressive parasites, such as fleas and ticks, which might attack your pet.

Your playful pooch needs a good, healthy diet. A vet can help you understand the best foods, vitamins for your pet. They will also help you through flea & tick prevention and heart worm prevention and determine if your dog has any other special needs.

It is important to have your pooch checked for any worms and ensure that its shots are up to date.

Determining the Right Size of Boots for Your Dog

The bond with your pet is everlasting. When you decide to bring home a new pet, you must make sure the trip is as stress-free as possible. You may want to use a pet carrier to make the journey back home safe, secure, and comfortable. Additionally, these carriers make great beds for pups and come in handy for potty-training your pet.

These tips will be useful to help your puppy adjust to his new abode:

When house-breaking your new pet, a few accidents along the way are natural. Be patient and do not forget to hurl a few words of praise for your new puppy when it does as directed.


A vet can guide you through your pooch’s vaccination schedule. Growing up puppies need more shots, while booster shots are enough for grown-ups.

Make its new abode a place of haven for your new puppy. Any harmful or choking hazards must be placed out of its reach. Of course, you don’t want your pet to break your vintage flower pot, so keep it where your pooch can’t reach.

· Chew toys come in handy when your puppy cuts teeth, soothing its itchy, aching gums.

· Draw up a schedule for your pet. It will learn through repetition.

Choosing an Adult Dog

Adult dogs have already undergone the potty training process and are typically less destructive. They make great companions for long walks and hikes. If you lack time for training a puppy, you may want to choose an older dog. But this does not mean adult dogs don’t require care. In fact, they require the same amount of love and attention. It’s important to get to know your new pet.

Since adult dogs are already following a schedule, placing them in a new environment and routine may make life stressful for them. In the process, they may have a few “accidents.” As a pet lover, you would want to make transition smooth for your new dog through love, care, and encouragement. The new environment may seem challenging for your new four-legged friend, so allow it time for adjustment and adaptation. Little patience and care can go a long way in helping make the environment comforting for your new dog.

Determining the Right Size of Collar for Your Dog

Nutrition plays an important role in keeping your pooch healthy and happy. Nutritional needs vary from one dog to another, depending on their breed, activity level, health, and age, among other criteria. Consult your vet to discuss the type of food your pooch needs for optimal health.

Feeding Your Dog

Feeding is as important as food. Find a location for your pet to have its food and water. Once you’ve found a spot, place the feeding dishes there so as not to make it confusing for your pet. Of course, you don’t want to frustrate your pooch.

Your dog should have clean feeding dishes. You will find an array of pet feeders and bowls at Pooch Canada.


Vitamin & mineral supplementation is required to keep your pooch healthy and disease free. At Pooch Canada, you will find a range of dog supplements to provide a healthy blend of essential vitamins and minerals for your dog.

Our Brewer’s Yeast with Garlic is a perfect supplement for food, with its blend of biotin, proteins, and zinc, which nourish skin and hair.

We carry special formulations for senior dogs.

Dog Treats and Chews

Dog treats and chews are a critical part of your pooch’s oral hygiene.

Pooch Canada has a wide range of dog treats and chews for dogs of all sizes and ages. Chews and treats also come in handy as a reward when training. A reward can be a motivation to perform better for the dog and encourage good behavior.


Dog grooming is essential for a healthy and shiny coat. Regular grooming and bathing can remove dead skin and hair in pets and stimulate natural oils.

The overwhelming number of grooming tools and aides can leave you spoilt for choice.

Some of the questions that are bound to strike your mind may include: What brush brand should I buy? Which shampoo brand is the best?

Of course, you do not want to use the wrong tools on your little friend, since it could be as ineffective as no grooming at all. So find the dog grooming tools that best suit your pooch.

Our bristle brushes work great for short-haired pets while ball-tip bristle brushes are sufficient to pamper your four-legged friend with sensitive skin.

Dog hair can become matted. Taking regular care will ensure that there are no tangles, which serve as hiding havens for ticks, fleas, and pests & parasites. While a comb can easily remove simple mats, unruly matted hair require a dematter tool. Caress your pooch with our T-Shaped Dematting Knife, which is a useful tool to keep natural coat length.

Bathing Your Dog

Bathing your pooch can be an adventurous task. Your pet may love to be bathed or may not find it comfortable to soak its body in water. But bathing is a crucial part of your pet hygiene, and you want to make bath time fun and relaxing for your friend.

How do you choose the right shampoo?

When it comes to buying a shampoo or conditioner or any other care product for your pooch, try to find if there are any special issues or concerns unique to your pet. For a dog with sensitive skin, use a shampoo that contains tea tree oil and aloe vera. A dog with dry itchy skin for example, would do better with a natural shampoo that’s contains additional conditioners and moisturizers


Patience is the buzzword when it comes to housebreaking your new dog. Crate training is one of the best ways to master dog housebreaking process, which requires confining your pup to a small area. By doing this, you may discourage any accidents until your pooch is ready for outside exposure.

Explore our Dog Crates and Kennels section to get your hands on a quality dog crate and housebreaking training essentials. Follow the same schedule every day and take your pooch outside at regular intervals.

Traveling With Your Dog

When traveling with your pet, its safety is your prime concern. Make sure it’s securely restrained to keep it from bouncing here and there in the vehicle.

Pooch Canada deals in all kinds of pet care products, including travel crates, bags and pet carriers, to keep your dog comfortable and secure while traveling. Our travel bags can easily accommodate small pets so you can have a stress-free travel.

Dental Care

Oral hygiene is important for pets to keep their teeth healthy and strong and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Our dental section offers an excellent selection of items to boost your dog’s teeth health. These products may include toothpaste, toothbrush, and biscuits.

Choose pet-specific products and avoid using regular toothpaste, which can be toxic for your dog.

Ear Care For Dog

When it comes to maintaining hygiene, your dog’s ears require special care. We offer a variety of ear powders and lotions to remove dirt and wax buildup in your pet’s ears and prevent infections and irritations.

Play Time For Dog

Just like a child, your pooch needs dedicated exercise schedule and play time so it can expend energy and stay fit. Additionally, play time is the best activity to spend time with your pet. It will help strengthen your bond.

Proper tools are a necessity to ensure that the play time is safe and productive. Use a good collar and leash to discipline your playful pooch. You will also find a variety of dog ropes, toys, and balls to engage your pooch for hours together.

A Place to Call Home

A home is a home! For pets, it is no different. They enjoy having their own space and find it comfortable and relaxing to spend time there. A bed or doghouse, with suitable quarters, offers an ideal solution for your pet to call home.

Make sure your dog’s area is big enough to fit the pooch comfortably. You will find a phenomenal range of pet beds, pet pillows, and pet blankets with us. We will help you ensure that your pooch finds a safe haven, where it can relax.