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The original or oldest types of hunting dogs, the hounds are split into two types – those that hunt by sight and those that use scent for hunting. While sight hounds are sleek and speedy and will take off immediately after seeing anything in motion, scent hounds are tougher and will wander away to follow scent. Intelligent and smart, this breed of dogs has a mind of their own. They can be trained, but they are likely to ignore your command if they don’t believe it is a good idea.

Both hound breeds require a secure yard and walks on leash. Reliable & strong, most hounds make excellent companions for humans and a popular family pet. A word of caution is urged for those looking for retired racers, as they have a habit of chasing mechanical rabbits and may mistake small children or other pets as the same and not feel comfortable with them. Chasing others gives them immense thrill.


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