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Pawmagik Paw Balm (3 oz. Cream Format)

$17.95 $15.95

Come winters and the harsh weather conditions could make outings difficult for your pooch. But it loves outings and does not want to miss out on its daily walks. So what is the best way to protect its paws from snow, ice, or cold? Well, Pawmagik paw balm is the answer.

Made with a non-toxic lickable formula, the pet paw balm heals, moisturizes, and soothes cracked or chopped nose, skin, and paws.

When winters come calling, this all-natural beeswax-based paw balm is the best gift for your four-legged buddy, providing a layer of moisturizer to keep sensitive pet skin soft and healthy. Available in 2 great formats – roll-up format, and cream format, Pawmagik Paw Balm is the answer to your pet’s winter blues!

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