Dog Boots

Pooch Canada Pet Supplies is a trusted name in the online dog gear since 2001! We boast a huge selection of pet gear and offer premium pet boutique products at great prices. From dog boots, toys and clothes to grooming supplies and dog training products, we have an ever-increasing range of jazzy pet gear for your pup that will help pamper your pooch and keep it active & healthy.

Extensive Collection

Our extensive selection of dog gear is all that you need to enjoy a day out with your beloved dog. Whether you love to walk your pet daily or it loves to accompany you to the lake to enjoy boating or fishing, we have all the products to add safety and fun to your outings with your pet.

We carry everything from dog collars and leashes to pamper your dog with deluxe dog shampoos, conditioners, and refreshing sprays to help keep your pet clean and fresh between baths! We have a wide variety of training aids, dog toys, beds and crates, treats, vitamins and health supplements, sanitation supplies, carriers, raincoats, and more!

Discounted Flat Rate Shipping

We offer a low flat rate shipping fee and encourage you to ask us questions so we can help fulfill your pet needs! While there are thousands of pet products available on the market today, we select only the highest quality items, so your pet can stand out from the rest. Bulk buying enables us to pass the savings on to you!