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Pooch Canada Pet Supplies is the leading online pet supplies store in Canada since 2001. Browse our wide selection of pet supplies to find what’s right for your dog. We are an online pet store owned and operated by pet lovers dedicated to providing the best products at the lowest prices. Whether you’re looking for dog toys, clothes, or grooming supplies, we have what you’re looking for. We have so many pet supplies to choose from: dog treats, vitamins and health supplements, sanitation supplies, shampoo and conditioner, training aids, seat belts, and even raincoats! We carry a wide selection of popular dog collars, leashes, beds, crates, and pet carriers too. We carefully choose only the best quality products and purchase in bulk so we can obtain the best discounts to pass the savings on to you. Visit us for all your online pet supply needs.

Dog Clothes, Dog Coat, Dog Apparel, Winter Jacket, Snowsuit & Dog Boots
 Dog Apparel
Dog Life Jacket, Dog Life Vest, Life Preserver
 Dog Life Vest
Dog Grooming Supplies
 Grooming Supplies
Soft Dog Crate, Pet Tent, Doh Mobile Home, Pet Dome Crate
 Dog Crate & Dog Tent
Dog Training Supplies, Dog Training Accessories, Bark Collars, Clicker, Dog Agility Kit.
 Training Accessories
Dog Treats - Jerky Chews, Soft Chews, Salmon Treats
 Dog Treats
Dental and Oral Care Products for Dogs
 Dog Dental Care
Dog Boots, Dog Shoes. Dog Socks, Muttluk's Dog Boots
 Dog Boots
Automobile Accessories for Dogs. Dog Ramps and  Stairs, Dog Seat Belts, Pet Booster Seats, Seat Covers.
 Pet Auto Accessories
Dog Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Detangler Spray
 Dog Shampoo & Cologne
Dog Bike Basket, Dog Bicycle Baskets, Dog Bike Leash, Bike Attachments, Walky Dog
 Dog Bicycle Leash/Basket
Collars, Leashes, Harnesses
 Dog Collar & Leash
Dog Cleanup Bags, Dog Sanitation & Cleanup Supplies, Pee Post, Cage Waterer.
 Pet Accessories
Dog Beds, Pet Beds, Buckwheat Hulls
 Pet Beds
Puppy Toys, Dog Toys, Dog Toy
 Dog Toys
Pet Travel Gear, Dog Backpack, Treat Bag, Food & Water Bowl
 Pet Travel Accessories
Pet Carrier, Dog Carriers
 Pet Carrier
Remedies for Dogs, Dog Supplements, Dental, Eye & Ear Care, Pet First Aid Kit
 Dog Supplements & Remedies
Five Stars Raw Dehydrated Dog Food
 Smack Pet Food
Pet Bowl, Pet Feeder, Dog Bowl, Elevated  Dog Bowl, Automatic Pet Feeder
 Dog Bowls & Feeders
Pet Ramps and Stairs for Dogs
 Pet Ramps and Stairs
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